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Allie Cranks it up 20 minutes a day


Dear Warrior XFIT,

Hi my name Allie, I have been using your program now for 2 ½ months, and wow, UnFreakingBelievable!

I am a mother of two children. While I didn’t gain very much with either child, I also didn’t lose the weight that I did gain, afterwards.

Hey at first I was only 20 pounds overweight no biggie. But then it was 20 more pounds then 30 more, then finally I reached a full 80 pounds. I was depressed and well, just pitiful.

I finally started dieting with really no exercise. I lost 20 pounds, woo hoo GREAT.  But then I started getting to the point where I only lost around 2-3 pounds a month. When you have 80 pounds, 3 pounds a month just won’t cut it. I started walking and doing other exercising, but just couldn’t commit to a program until I ran upon your site!

I loved how I was able to do so many different exercises. If it weren’t for so much variation, I probably would have kept searching. But after 10 days, I said huh, this seems easy enough. I thought if these people are willing to teach me a few tricks and I haven’t even paid anything for the program.

I use your XFit every single day. Unlike other programs where I dread getting up and exercising, I love that I can do 20 minutes and bam I not only feel better, but I am DONE for the day!

Being a Nurse and a Full time Mom, I have a hectic schedule. But these work outs are only 20 minutes a day. I love that I can do them anywhere! We just got back from a mini spring break vacation, but I was still able to do the work outs. I seriously thought I wouldn’t want to keep doing them while on my relaxing vacation, but their addicting. They actually make me feel so much BETTER!

 There are so many workouts. I love that I can pick and choose the ones I am most comfortable. But when I am up for a challenge, I can CRANK IT UP! I love that I can put on my favorite iPod tunes, and work out all my stress, while jamming; time flies by.

Ok, ok, I’ll get the juicy part. I have dropped 3 pant sizes, I am down to a medium tops, and have lost another 16 pounds. I have muscles now that I didn’t even know existed! Even though I still have a few more to go, I know that it will melt off quickly if I keep doing program. Did I just say if? I meant I will keep doing it, as I Love, Love, Love it!





Apr, 14 2013 07:02 PM

Hi Allie! I just joined this site and looking for some workout buddies! Can I connect with you? I"m a working mom with two kids as well, and have not worked out seriously in about 8 months and boy, do I feel like crap! I'm looking for some motivating buddies!

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