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Awesome news! We are having a referral contest April 2-May 2 2012


Awesome news!  We are having a referral contest April 2-May 2 2012. 
Most of you know that we're super dedicated to bringing fat loss and improved health to as many people as we possibly can.  That's because we truly believe that these are key ingredients to a happy, fulfilled life.
That's why on April 2nd we're going to hold a referral contest!  Whoever helps us help more people by bringing in the most friends, family members, co-workers, etc. will win some awesome prizes!
In fact, the top 3 referrers are walking away with some really cool stuff.
1st place gets $200
2nd place gets $100
3rd place gets $50
And this contest is going on nationwide with every school in the country.  The top referrers in the country are getting: $2500, $1000, $500, and then the three after that are walking away with an extra $100.
Thank you guys for participating, and for helping us reach our dream of bringing fitness, fat loss& health to as many people as we possibly can. This is going to be a ton of fun.
It starts April 2nd!  So start thinking of friends, family members & co-workers who would make good referrals. 
Just remember!
ALL referrals must come through the 3-class trial on-line!  And it's your responsibility to make sure that they fill in your name under "how you heard about us".

Here's the link in case you need it again:
You can also have friends in any city where there's an ILKB location.  You can refer people to other locations besides ours!


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