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Staying On Track With Your Fitness During Vacation

Summer is upon us and it is time for traveling vacations. And like most people I have gone on plenty of vacations and promised myself I would eat right and workout everyday, only to forget all good intentions as soon as I stepped off the plane or out of the car.

As I have made eating healthy a lifestyle choice, not another diet, it has become easier to make good choices about what I eat while traveling.

Unfortunately, not every place you may visit has a good workout facility or area to exercise. And honestly, who wants to go for an hour run or hit the gym when everyone is ready to have fun?

But now we have WarriorXFit! Not only does it only take 20 minutes to complete, you only need a resistance band, which will fit in the smallest travel bag, and you can do it anywhere!

Now I can wake up just a little bit earlier than normal, grab my band, boot up my computer, and get my workout in before the festivities begin. Couldn’t be easier! And I don’t feel so guilty if I indulge in a small treat that may be tempting me. I feel better, look better, and have More fun knowing I’m having a blast And staying on track with my workouts.

So I challenge all of you to not let your summer vacations be an excuse to derail the incredible strides you are making towards a lifetime of healthy living. 

Let’s Get Hot!! Even while we are on vacation!



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